Preparing To Live Off-Campus Near McMaster University

The summer before your first year of university can feel chaotic in the best way possible. Attending orientation events, touring campus and registering for courses are all exciting moments that eventually lead to move-in day. Getting ready to move-in with people you haven’t lived with before can be daunting, and most students are living independently for the very first time away from home.

If you aren’t living in residence when you arrive this Fall, you’ll want to look at off-campus living arrangements. There are many houses within walking distance of the McMaster University campus that are rented exclusively to students. If you’re looking for off-campus McMaster University and Westdale area houses to rent, there’s no need to worry! You can find houses using resources such as the official McMaster Off-Campus Housing website, or unofficial sources such as Facebook groups like the McMaster Housing Postboard group.

You can also search the websites of Property Management companies such as ours. We have a page listing all of our currently available properties sorted by number of bedrooms, all at an unbeatable price point that will help ease your mind during this transition into university life.

Moving off-campus and into a student rental is exciting, but it can also be hard to prepare for. As you prepare to move off-campus to your new Hamilton home rental, make a list of all the things you need for your new space. As you get ready for this new adventure, don’t forget about all those little things that are essential: school supplies (pencils, paper, notebooks), clothes, shampoo, soap, bathroom cleaning products (toilet/bath cleaner, glass cleaner, etc), detergent for washing your clothes, as well as items for your kitchen (plates, cutlery, cups and mugs).

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information about our properties, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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