Resources for McMaster Student Housing in Hamilton, Ontario

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If you’re looking for student housing near McMaster University, there are resources provided by the University to help you in your house search.

Mac Off-Campus

Mac Off-Campus connects the McMaster community with great places to live. They list a wide variety of rental properties close to McMaster’s campuses and offer them exclusively to McMaster students. Their service has been around for over ten years.

Check out their available properties page to view all of the latest listings of houses in Hamilton that are near McMaster campus and currently available or becoming available soon.

Note: Mac Off-Campus does not inspect or guarantee the accuracy of the listings on their site. They recommend that you inquire about the rental prior to providing a deposit or moving in to ensure the space meets your satisfaction.

McMatch – McMaster’s Student Housemate Connector

McMatch is an online platform where students can connect with each other to find housemates for their off-campus homes. Each McMatch user will create a public profile by answering a series of questions about their living preferences. From these answers you will be able to search other McMatch profiles and sort them based on compatibility.

Steps to using McMatch:

  1. Log on to the Residence Portal using your MacID and click “McMatch” in the top left corner.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click “Start Here” to start your application. If you are continuing your application, click “Continue”.
  3. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions for McMatch and enter your student number to accept the terms.
  4. Complete your McMatch Profile. The profile contains 26 questions which you can preview here. The more questions you answer, the better chances you will have at finding an ideal housemate match.
  5. Once your profile is submitted, search for other McMatch users and find your match.

Once you have your matches you can reach out to those students to determine whether or not they’d be a good housemate fit. Students who decide to live together will need to search for off-campus accommodations.

Does the McMatch suggest matches for you?

Following the completion of the McMatch application, you will be given a list of roommate suggestions. Students on this list will have given similar replies. You may use search criteria to limit down possible roommates from this list. If you want to contact another McMatch member, you can contact them using the McMaster ID mentioned in their profile. It is the student’s obligation to contact any possible roommate matches via the system. McMatch does not automatically match students with off-campus housing options.

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