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Off Campus Rentals
The purpose of this service is to assist in obtaining information on available listings in the Hamilton area. These listings are submitted by interested Landlords and do not represent all rental properties in the Hamilton area. University Property Management Services accepts no liability for any errors or omissions within these listings and advises the user of this information that these accommodations are not evaluated/inspected and/or rated in any way and that it is the responsibility of the user to view any accommodation prior to any agreement (oral, written or inferred, including the signing of a lease) and to seek appropriate legal advice.

Independent home owners have provided the following information to assist in your search for rental housing. To arrange to view any of these homes, with the owner, or if you have additional questions, please contact University Property Management Services at (905) 304-8075.

256 Haddon/Dalewood
256 Haddon Avenue South [ five bdrm. ]
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1Y1